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Eglise Saint-Maurice, 74230, Thônes


Forest walk to be carried out with the family from the city center of Thônes. Discover the history of the old and new King of the Mount, centuries-old trees whose legend continues to be forged over time.
On the heights of Thônes, walk through the Bois du Mont in the shade of its huge spruce trees. Along the route, let the local legend of the "Roi du Mont" be told. A tree distinguished itself among other woods by its impressive size. More than 50 metres high and with a circumference of 5 metres, the latter has undoubtedly been one of the largest spruce trees in France. Its extraordinary dimensions have earned it the nickname of the "Roi du Mont" by the inhabitants of the village. It took a storm (that of the winter of 1999) to put an end to his reign, he was 275 years old according to estimates. Part of the giant was then transformed into a flowering basin, which is observable at the Eco-Museum of Wood of Thônes. On the square, you can discover its stem representing a flame and a throne in a symbolic way. Since then, a New King reigns on the Bois du Mont, 54 meters high, its circumference grows over the years and its prestige is built on the traces of its elder. This walk will also allow you to discover beautiful views of the village and the Valley of Thônes

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