Tour du Sulens circuit

Col de Plan Bois, 74230, Les Clefs


In the heart of the alpine meadows of the Val Sulens, discover the panoramic views of the Sulens mountain.
From the Plan-Bois pass, follow the road towards Manigod, then take a right on a horizontal track which crosses meadows and then climbs towards the Plan du Tour, via Les Lanches and Bois Noir. Follow the track downhill via zigzags, then leave it in order to follow the path tour du pays 'Tournette Aravis'. Pass in front of the alpine meadow farm Cret Vermant and rejoin a large track which leads to the farm the Pezieres, then to the Botte Pass. Leave 'Tour de Pays' on the left, then take right to 'Plan Bois' pass throught Mont Derriere Forest, Chez les Gay, Les Rottes and Frass Chapel. Last part of the walk take place on a asphalt road joining Plan Bois Pass

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